Message from the Youth Pastor

Here at Plum Grove Baptist Church, we see our young people as one of the most important parts of our church. As Youth Pastor, we prayerfully engage young people in the hopes to help them incorporate their faith in God into their daily lives. Our goal is to give them a strong sense of faith, self, and community. By doing this we help them commune with God in a deeper way and become the men and women they were created to be. At Lighthouse Student Ministry our motto is Health Over Hype.

  • Healthy Study of the Word of God
  • Healthy Understanding of the Word of God
  • Healthy Application of the Word of God
  • Engaging in wholistic and meaningful outreach and missions


As you can see, we want our youth to become God-fearing disciples that can boldly witness to others through knowledge of the word of God. As youth leaders, we want you to know that we are all on a journey of discovering and deepening our understanding and practice of spiritual disciplines. It is our prayer that you will allow us the opportunity to pour into your young person or labor with us to impact the lives of young people.

For Christ’s gain,
Pastor Corey